Society for Neuroscience 2015

Date: October 17 – 21
Place: Chicago

Two posters were presented

  • Internet enabled robotic microscope powered by knife-edge scanning microscopy
    • R. Raghavan, Y. Choe, D. Mayerich, T. Huffman, M. Goodman, C. Daniel, J. Kwon
  • Enhancing robustness of sectioning and imaging in knife-edge scanning microscopy
    • Y. Choe, D. Miller, R. Shah, W. Zhang, J. Yoo, D. Mayerich, J. Kwon, J. Keyser, L.C. Abbott

IMG_20151021_141354 IMG_20151018_123342 IMG_20151018_142507IMG_20151021_160004IMG_0677IMG_20151017_103511

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